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March Issue

Vol 32|No 4|March 2022

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Brave Ukrainian soldiers prepared to sacrifice their lives
to stop Russians from subjugating their nation.

Stop Russia now!

By Jamie McKenzie
(about author)

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905.

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We must remember the failure of Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement as Hitler's army marched across Europe.

We must do more now to help the courageous Ukrainian freedom fighters stop Putin and his tanks from rolling across Europe, subduing country after country just as Hitler did before him. If we do not stop him now, he will move on from the Ukraine through Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, trying to restore Russia's former empire.

Bullies respect brute force!

While I applaud the efforts of the USA and NATO to support the Ukrainians as they try to fight off the cruel and illegal invasion by Putin and the Russians, I fear he will not stop because of sanctions.

I have opposed many of the wars we have fought in recent years, but I think NATO and the USA must do more to stop Putin now before he gobbles up countries as Hitler did. We must remember Chamberlain and the failures of appeasement.

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Putin is a bully who only understands one thing -- brute force. I would like NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over the Ukraine so those brave freedom-fighters have a better chance of winning. And I would even support a declaration of war and drastic attack and bombing of the Russian army before they reach and destroy Kiev.

While this might risk World War III, I think a gentler strategy will play into Putin's hands and we might look back in six months (as Chamberlain did) and regret our restraint.

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The truth is Putin has already started World War III, and those who doubt it are indulging in wishful thinking, just as Chamberlain did long ago.

Let's punch Putin in the nose, as that is all he might understand. He is a true Pinocchio falsely claiming that the invasion is just a military operation to save the Ukrainians from Nazis.

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