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 Vol 11|No 2|October|2001

Power Learning at NECC 2001: Wireless and Engaged

In June of 2001, one hundred NECC participants wrestled with information literacy challenges working in pairs on 50 wireless laptops. View the gallery and consider the value of curriculum rich professional development strategies in comparison with mere software training.

by Jamie McKenzie
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Coaching as Professional Development

Coaching is one of the most powerful strategies to encourage a broad spectrum of teachers to make fruitful use of new technologies. Technology coaches and mentors can turn reluctance into enthusiasm.

by Jamie McKenzie
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There are times when we are better off going unplugged. Times we should turn off the digital and rely instead upon natural, analog or hard copy. This article takes a careful look at the way the Net treats the important thinkers and leaders of the last century and finds the depth and quality of Net biographies sorely lacking.

Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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