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 Vol 11|No 7|April|2002

Important Book from Australia

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Problems are the Solution:
Keys to Lifelong Learning

A provocative collection of essays by leading thinkers, this book is an important title to add to the reading list of teacher teams struggling with the challenge of converting technology investments into tangible improvements in student learning.

If networks, libraries, books and laptops are the vehicles, this book represents a collection of maps and tour guides clarifying purpose, strategy and method.

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Chapter 1
Snapshots of Information Literacy

1) Problem-based Learning: Develop Information Literacy through Real Problems
Eileen E. Schroeder/E. Anne Zarinnia

2) Students as critical thinkers … how to deal with the info glut
Jenny Ryan/Steph Capra

3) Giant Leaps and Small Steps
Megan Perry/Debbie Leatheam

Chapter 2
Developing a Learning Culture
Peter Ellyard

Chapter 3
The Affective Dimension of Information Literacy
Dianne Oberg

Chapter 4
Can we prevent copying? Transforming scribes into thinkers
Joy McGregor

Chapter 5
Critical Literacy: a building block towards the information literate school community
Linda Langford

Chapter 6
E-literacies and Cybraries
Cushla Kapitzke

Chapter 7
Facilitating Problem-based Learning
Donald R. Woods

Chapter 8
Questioning Toolkit
Jamie McKenzie

Chapter 9
Assessing Learning: Points for Consideration
James Henri

Chapter 10
Problem-based Tasks

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