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 From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

Vol 9|No 8|April|2000


About the Author


Kristina Sullivan is a third and fourth grade multiage teacher at Chloe Clark Elementary School in Dupont, Washington. She has been teaching school for twenty years, initially with the Santa Cruz School District in California where she taught poetry in the Gault Open School and worked at Santa Cruz High School as an English assistant. During that time she also went on a field study through the University (UCSC) and worked as a reading specialist in rural Appalachia.

Kristina received her Masters degree from Western Washington University in 1992. She has been teaching school in the Steilacoom Historical School District since 1991. Kristina is offering classes through the Puget Sound ESD in Burien as well. Her classes are entitled "Strategies for Reluctant Writers: Lessons from Barry Lane" and "Creating a Reflective Classroom" in which she provides ideas for teachers to incorporate reflective thinking strategies into their classroom day. Kristina can be reached at or Kristina is married, has two children, and in her spare time enjoys playing tennis.

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