Beyond Technology:
Questioning, Research and the Information Literate School

Based on his more than 33 years of working with teachers and media specialists to emphasize higher level thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, this book brings you the best of Jamie McKenzie's previously published articles about launching student research and resource-based learning projects.

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Chapter One


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Table of Contents

Part One
The Primacy of Questions


Chapter One Questions:
The Greatest Technology of All
Chapter Two Research Programs for An Age of Information
Chapter Three A Questioning Toolkit
Chapter Four Students in Resonance:
Dissonance, Juxtaposition and Fresh Thinking
Chapter Five Questioning and the Information Literate
School Community
Chapter Six Mastering State Standards
with Questioning & Strategic Thinking
Chapter Seven Strategic Teaching
.. Part Two
The Research Cycle
Chapter Eight The Research Cycle and Other Models
Chapter Nine Planning the Voyage
Chapter Ten The Hunt
Chapter Eleven More Great Hunting
Chapter Twelve Needles from Haystacks
Chapter Thirteen Regrouping Findings
Chapter Fourteen From Information to Persuasion
Chapter Fifteen Searching for the Grail
Chapter Sixteen Preventing the New Plagiarism
. Part Three
Research Modules
Chapter Seventeen Building Research Modules
Chapter Eighteen Levels of Modules
Chapter Nineteen Scaffolding for Success
Chapter Twenty Modules for State Standards


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