From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

  Vol 8|No 6|February/March|1999

The February/March Cartoon

Bookshelf Attacks Museums

While schools are quick to install electronic reference materials, assuming quality, balance and reliability, acid content can sometimes surface through a lack of editorial "oversight."

A Brave New World of Padlocked Libraries and Unstaffed Schools?

Foolhardy administrators and politicians with little notion of the weaknesses of the Internet have been cutting book budgets, eliminating the jobs of thousands of librarians and replacing them with aides and computer teachers or technicians. In some cases, the school library is padlocked most of the week and opened only a few hours now and again to allow for the circulation of books. The networking bandwagon is seriously damaging the knowledge resources available to our young.

Networking for Daily Research

While schools are quick to install networks, they rarely give student questioning and research the daily focus it deserves and requires to optimize use of the networks. This article offers three strategies to make research a daily ongoing constant of the school experience.



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