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The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 13|No 5|January|2004

Hitting the Books: A Gallery of Images - Garcia Elementary

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A visitor to Garcia Elementary in Grand Prairie ISD is greeted with bright colors and a library that spawns a sense of wonder.
Well equipped with a combination of digital and print resources, the media center helps students explore questions from their "Wonder Boxes."
Teacher and librarian team to assist students as they seek good books in the school collection likely to answer their questions. They employ InfoBits as an online card catalog.
Students write down title and a Dewey decimal number, then head for the shelves - a treasure hunt!
Even the casual observer notes the warmth and engagement of both teacher and librarian as they provide support but encourage students to do the thinking and searching.
The more intriguing the question, the more careful the reading and the more pronounced the pondering. Students look for clues, collect evidence and try to synthesize their findings.
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Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie .

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