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This document was developed as part of a consulting assignment with the library media staff of the Oak Harbor (WA) Schools, who wished to create a rating scale which would help them assess how well students are performing on the tasks associated with the Research Cycle . The document is copyrighted by the Oak Harbor Schools and by Jamie McKenzie, but copies may be made by schools for distribution to staff. Any other duplication or transmittal in any form is prohibited unless permission is granted expressly.



A researcher recognizes decisions, issues and problems when looking at a topic.

5 - Discovers independently an issue or problem which needs a decision or solution after exploring a topic

3 - Formulates questions about topics with adult help to elevate the question to focus on issues and problems

1 - Relies upon adults to state questions and topics


A researcher identifies sources of information likely to build understanding.

5 - Selects high quality sources independently and efficiently

3 - Selects sources with mixed success

1 - Wanders from source to source without questioning which source will be most helpful


A researcher collects and stores information for later consideration.

5 - Collects and organizes important information for retrieval independently

3 - Collects information with some degree of organization

1 - Loses track of most important information


A researcher reorganizes information so that the most valuable becomes readily available to support understanding.

5 - Creates structure which provides a coherent and clear focus

3 - Creates partial organization of information

1 - Leaves information as gathered


A researcher recombines information to develop

decisions and solutions.

5 - Creates an original decision or solution

3 - Reorganizes and combines strategies of others

1 - Restates the decisions and solutions of others


A researcher determines whether the information gathered is sufficient to support a conclusion.

5 - Tests solutions and decisions to see if supporting information is adequate

3 - Looks for missing information

1 - Reaches a hasty conclusion


A researcher translates findings into a persuasive, instructive, or effective product(s).

5 - Creates and presents an original product whicheffectively addresses original problem or issues

3 - Provides a product which offers some insight with regard to the original problem or issues

1 - Shares the work or thoughts of others

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