Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

Floor Plan

Outside the rain has begun to fall
Joggers hurry their pace
The park begins to empty
Taxi doors slam shut
Meters run
Umbrellas unfold
The museum fills
Hallways overflowing
As Sunday afternoon refugees
Wander through tombs
Burial places of Pharoahs
Stopping to look at every object
Following the floor plan exactly
An eye on windows
hoping for clear skies
a chance to dash home
prelude to eveing showers

They wander purposefully
All but a quiet few
Who sit
and enjoy
Who ignore the rain outside
the crowd
and the floor plan

These few wander through time
Cross centuries
The soft sounds of the River Nile
They hear the somber tones of a funeral march
the incantations of a high priest
the last rites of an infant king

Even as the day fades
Guards ushering them forth
These few move slowly
forget to raise umbrellas
wander sidewalks
lost in reverie

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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