A plague upon your restaurant

Those of you who kill cats
Who drown these innocent creatures
Poison them
Or shoot them
Just to keep your restaurant
Feline free
You now deserve plagues of biblical stature
Your tap water turning to blood
Frogs thronging under tables
Lice and roaches crawling into your soups and salads
Flies buzzing everywhere
Your meats festering with foul pestilence
Then sewage and hail pouring from the sky
Hordes of locusts
And throngs of rats
The loss of all diners
Of all tourists
Of all business
Gloom descending at noon
Matching the darkness of your miserable soul
Shutting you down
Closing your doors
Boarding you up
Sending you packing off to Hell
Where you belong
For now
And forever

Many of these cats were murdered shortly after this photo was taken.

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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