Poetry by Jamie McKenzie


I have been dancing with the improbable
The unlikely
And the preposterous
For quite some time now
Thinking wishfully
And indulging
Many fantasies
Quite a few whimsies
And even an occasional delusion

I have not been content
With reality
Not willing to bow to the inevitable
I have been stubborn
And somewhat cussed
Plowing ahead with crazy plans
Ignoring advice to the contrary
I buy tickets to far off destinations
Make colossal moves on the chess board of life
And wrestle destiny from the grasping claws of doom

Be that as it may
I am content with this discontent
Proud of my unruly and obstinate self
My wayward
And headstrong
Rush into tomorrow and the new year
I am simply unbowed
Full of hope
And determined
I am who I am
And I will make waves
Or lie down beside still waters
If it suits me

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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