Inspired by the song "As time goes by" from the movie "Casablanca"

Dying for a kiss?

A kiss is not
Just a kiss
And a sigh is not just a sigh
During this pandemic
The fundamental things
Simply do not apply
As this time of plague goes on
And on

And when two lovers woo
They first ask how about you?
Are you vaccinated?
Are you Covid negative?
Been tested?
And are you safe to kiss?
To touch?
To hold and love?
To woo?
On that you can rely

Woman needs man
And man needs woman
We must agree
But it's not the same old story
Itís not the movies
Or Casablanca
Not Bogart and Bergman
it's not the same old story
And itís become a case of do and die
As this time
And this plague
Go on
And on




© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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