In slavery times

Back then
They took a son
They sold a daughter
They split the families
Sent some to Mississippi
Others to Louisiana
Husbands taken from wives
Wives from husbands
The elders left behind
Not worth much at auction

The churches looked the other way
Ministers found words in the Bible
To justify sales
Defending slavery
And cruelty
Splitting up families for a profit
In Christís name

But that was long ago
And almost forgotten
By some
A sad and shameful history
And overlooked
Until now
As once again
They take a son
They take a daughter
Split the families
And find words in the Bible
To justify crimes against families
Crimes against children
Crimes against humanity
While citizens watch soccer
But not this news
Holding their ears
They drown out the screams
The moans
And the tears

This cannot be happening
They shudder
Not today
Not again
Not here in the good old USA
That was long ago
In slavery times
Not now




© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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