Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

Never Ending

Each war begins
It seems
With celebration
And fanfare
The promise of a quick victory
Death to the Hun!
The Nazi!
The zealot on the other side
An end to tyranny
An end to war altogether
The triumph of our side
Against their side
With Godís blessing
A chance for young men
And young women
To taste glory
Show courage
And win medals

But each war lies
Breaks promises
And lasts far too long
Each war takes the husbands
From wives
Wives from husbands
Mothers and fathers
From children

Each war takes away the young
Before their time
Kills dreams
Destroys hope
And plants new seeds
For wars to come

We cannot escape
It seems
As time and again
Destiny beckons
Parades begin
Flags fly proudly
And trumpets sound the call to arms
As sons and daughters heed the call
And once again
We go marching
Happily marching
Off to war

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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