Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

Now and Then

When the sun comes up
And the day begins
You're right there
At my side

You're the warm sweet Honey
sugar bunny
Of my life

You're my one and only
Truly loving
Girl of my dreams
Dreams come true
Yes they do
Dreams come true
Now and then
When the sun goes down
And the daylight fades
You’re right there
At my side

You’re a warm soft tender
Loving woman
Holding me

As the moon comes up
And the sky turns dark
I can feel you
at my side
As the days go by
And our love it grows
We will both
Know it’s true

We will hold each other
Storm or thunder
Rain, sleet
or shine

This is meant to be timeless
Ever lasting
The love
of our lives



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© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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