Poetry by Jamie McKenzie


A Paris Dream 

Following the river
Shrouded in mist
They have no place to go
No schedule to meet
Just strolling
Hand in hand
Lost in the moment
Paris on the left
Paris on the right

I had a dream
He said
I had a dream
She said
And here we are
He said
Here we are
She said

The morning flows as the river
And they savor moments
One at a time
Each tasting sweet
Like madeleines
Or macaroons
French roast coffee
Pure delight

That afternoon
In bed
The river
And time
As kiss follows kiss follows kiss
His lips finding each curve
Each sweet spot
Her lips tracing lines
From shoulder to belly
Belly to hip

There is no hurry
No rush
Even as afternoon becomes evening
And he stands to light candles
Opens wine
Hands her a glass
And speaks softly of time
The river
And years to come
Then she smiles
Touches her glass to his
And speaks softly of time
The river
And abiding love





© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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