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Jamie McKenzie


Jamie grew up on the water in Connecticut, sailing on Long Island Sound and sometimes enjoying vacations as a boy on Nantucket Island.

He first knew he wanted to be a writer when he was in fifth grade and kept the goal in mind through many different pathways and passages as he started teaching after graduating from Yale in 1967.

Way led on to way, but Jamie kept writing poems and stories for several decades until in 1982 he found his educational writing being published. He has now published a dozen books and many dozens of articles.

Jamie is a full time writer, speaker and educational consultant who travels all over the world helping people to see how questions and new technologies might change the way students learn and the ways schools treat children.

He had been living and writing recently in Istanbul with his three cats, Pearl, Callie and Sundae, but he returned with them to Denver in September of 2021 where he now lives on Capitol Hill.


Copyright Policy: The poems in the collection are copyrighted by Jamie McKenzie and may not be duplicated or republished without his permission except in the case of school students who may make printed, hard copies for class sharing only. All other uses, transmissions and duplications are prohibited unless permission is granted expressly. Showing these pages remotely through frames is not permitted.