Poetry by Jamie McKenzie


Shall we be even more bold this next year?
More brave and adventurous than last year?
Take more chances?
Risk more?
Shoot for the moon?
Bet the ranch?

Is this the year to go for glory?
Seize the day, the month, the actual year?
Carpe diem, mensis, annum?

Can we ask Lady Luck to visit?
Smile upon us?
End her long holiday elsewhere
and pay attention to our hopes?
Our wishes?
Our dreams?

Or is it better to go it alone?
Cheeky and audacious to carve out our own good fortune?
Give the Lady leave?
Write her out of the story?

Shall we plot a tale of great adventure?
Leave nothing to chance?
Shall we grab life by the horns?

Of course we shall
We will step boldly
And Lady Luck can come along for the ride
If she wishes












© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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