Try not to flinch

Try not to flinch
When the needle strikes
The blow comes
And disappointment settles
And foreboding
Like a serious
Fog bank

Try not to flinch
Show concern
Or fear
Hang tough
Suck it in
Pretend you do not care
Be brave
Feign courage
Act like a man
Act your age
Act your part
Speak your lines
Stick to the script

Try not to flinch
Show surprise
Or dismay
Act like this is just
Par for the course
The cost of being human
Nothing out of the ordinary

Hang in there
Stiff upper lip
Pretend you donít really care
Been through this many times
Can handle anything
They throw at you
Hang in there
Give it your best shot
Carry on
Be tenacious
Go the distance
And stop at nothing
Until the winds shift
The gods smile
And you force Lady Luck
To wake up
And take notice

Hang in there
Until you get whatís coming to you
Your just deserts
And the payoff you deserve

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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