Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

Twilight 2

Towards the end of our days
The light dims some
It fades
And the stage lights once blazing
The applause stills
The seats empty
The house lights flicker
The performance over

As night falls
Our dreams wander off
Leaving us bereft
We live on crumbs now
Faded memories
A hundred thousand days 
Trailing behind us now
Good times, bad times
Mostly forgotten 
Darkness falling all around us
Like soft black snow
The drifts growing deeper
And deeper 

We struggle against this gathering gloom
Light candles
And fires in the fireplace
We pray for courage
Those of us who never prayed before
We curse under our breath
Insult the gods
Make offerings
And promises
Shaking off our dread

We shop for face creams
Age defying potions
And fountains of youth
As if death and decline were
Not certainties
We join clubs
Run marathons
Chase young women
Bet the ranch on get young quick schemes

We look in mirrors
Check our watches
Listen for hoof beats
Glance over our shoulders
Bar the door
Shutter the windows
Stir the embers
Fan the flames
Look for new gods
Invent new curses
Scream against this night


© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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