Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

Putin unhinged

He became unhinged
Verging on insane
But hiding it well
An Emperor with no clothes
But crazy dreams
And many yes men
Singing his praise
Praising his plans
While stealing from the army
And raking in the rubles
As supply trucks sank into decline
The great army a sham

Until one day
Whispering began
And doubts surfaced
While thousands lay dying
His soldiers retreating
His army in shambles
His pipe dream a war crime
His mastery a myth

Until one day they cursed him
Declaring him unfit
A maniac
A madman
A criminally incompetent fool
Whose time had come
A dose of polonium-210
Slipped into his Lomonosov tea pot
Ended finally
His war
His nightmare
And his regime

Putin unhinged (poem below)

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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