Waiting for Lufthansa

Waiting for Lufthansa to apologize
Make amends
Admit wrongdoing
And pay damages
Is like waiting for Godot
Like hoping for snow
In July
Like betting the ranch
On a nag
A long shot
A pipe dream
Or a pyramid scheme

Waiting for corporate leaders
To come out of hiding
Take responsibility
Discipline the incompetent
And pay damages
Is like waiting for the desert to bloom
The North Pole’s ice cap to melt
The sky to fall
And Hell to freeze over

Note: This poem was inspired by
Lufthansa's mistreatment of me and
my two cats, blocking us from flying
home from Bucharest on September 29,
2017 even though they had approved
two seats for one person and two cats
in advance.

Still waiting for the apology. To learn
more, visit my Flickr photos devoted
to this very bad experience -- Click here



© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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