Waiting for the shoe to drop

I kept waiting
For the shoe to drop
For the sky to fall
For the world as I know it
To come to an end

I kept waiting
For disappointment
For disillusion
And for all of the promises
The dreams
And the fantasies
To dry up
And disappear

I kept thinking
This was too good
To be true
Too grand and magnificent
Completely absurd
Beyond the pale
And preposterous

I kept wishing and dreaming
Against the odds
Hoping it wasn’t so
Fearing the worst
But praying for the best
Holding your photo
Nicely framed
In my hand
Seeking magic words
Some kind of offering
Or incense
Some trick or tactic
To baffle the gods
Summon Lady Luck
And hold you
Not just your photo
In my arms
And for all

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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