Where will you take me?

Where will you take me
My new love?
To the moon?
Past the stars?
All the way to heaven?
And beyond?
Or will we just cruise on down the Danube?
Enjoy the Don?
Stroll along the Seine?
Hand in hand
Trading wishes, dreams and fears
Hoping for the best
Shaking off the past
Creating the new

Where will you take me
My new love?
To new lows
Or new highs?

Surprise me
Delight me
Teach me what you can
Grab this moment
And make it last
Make it ours
Toss away your troubles
Pack up your sorrows
Join me in this crazy dance
Once and for all time
Kicking up your heels
Spinning madly
And calling out my name
Love me with abandon
Make me yours
And I will make you mine

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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