Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

The Wonder Bread Song

I grew up on Wonder Bread
Peanut butter and jelly red
Asking why and how and when
Rain falls down again and again

Again and again asking why
What's the answer, why? why? why?
Wanting to know, wanting to learn
Feeling wonder burn, burn, burn

If curiosity killed the cat
How'd that happen
How is that?
That's just stupid, that's plain dumb
Curious kittens just have fun

I wonder where this song will go
How to end it - how to know
What will follow what will flow
What new words will scroll below

As a boy I wondered why
Up was up and down was down
Now I wonder which is which
And what is what and when is when

How to hold a friend who's ill
Find the words when all goes still
Hold a candle - sing a song
Piercing darkness, deep and long

Sometimes questions dance and tease
Daunting puzzles thank you please
How to figure out what's right
How to win without a fight


Join me now on Wonder Street
Query, ponder trick or treat
Dance with questions, curious cats
This is this and that is that

The Wonder Bread image is included here with the pemission of the Flowers Foods Marketing Department

wonder bread

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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