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About the author

This provocative but helpful book from Jamie McKenzie shows how teachers can equip young ones with questioning strategies that will prepare them to wrestle with the most difficult decisions and problems.

Table of Contents
Chapter One Why Question?
Chapter Two Why Wonder?
Chapter Three Questions as Technology
Chapter Four A Questioning Toolkit
Chapter Five Quality Teaching
Chapter Six Learning Questioning 1
Chapter Seven Learning Questioning 2
Chapter Eight Teaching Questioning 1
Chapter Nine Teaching Questioning 2
Chapter Ten Essential Questions
Chapter Eleven Irreverent Questions
Chapter Twelve Irrelevant Questions
Chapter Thirteen Inventive Questions
Chapter Fourteen Hypothetical Questions
Chapter Fifteen Probing Questions
Chapter Sixteen Divergent Questions
Chapter Seventeen Provocative Questions
Chapter Eighteen Unanswerable Questions
Chapter Nineteen Subsidiary Questions
Chapter Twenty From Trivial Pursuit
Chapter Twenty-One The Questioning Tool Box Revisited
Chapter Twenty-Two Assessing Growth in Questioning