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Beyond Technology: Questioning, Research and The Information Literate School

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Based on his more than 17 years of planning adult learning for teachers, this book brings you the best of Jamie McKenzie's previously published articles on professional development in a single convenient print collection.







Table of Contents

Part One - A Question of Purpose


Chapter One Lifting the Siege
Chapter Two Learning Digitally
Chapter Three Strategic Teaching
Chapter Four Grazing the Net
Chapter Five The Information Literate
School Community

Part Two - A Matter of Strategy


Chapter Six Secrets of Success
Chapter Seven The Software Trap
Chapter Eight Gauging Return on Investment
Chapter Nine Creating Learning Cultures
Chapter Ten Invention as Learning
Chapter Eleven Online Learning
Chapter Twelve Technology Coaching
Chapter Thirteen Creating a Cadre
Chapter Fourteen Reaching the Reluctants
Chapter Fifteen Planning for Success
Chapter Sixteen Study Groups
Chapter Seventeen Work Place Visits
Chapter Eighteen


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