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August 1, 2010 — New York Times sounds the alarm in "Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age"

Beyond Cut-and-Paste
Engaging Students
in Making Good New Ideas

Table of Contents (below)

By Jamie McKenzie
About author

We are suffering from a cut-and-paste culture bred by the ease with which any of us can locate and save information. Sadly, Google and its relatives give us all a false sense of security and wisdom as we can search for something as elusive as "the truth" and Google delivers an answer in less than ten seconds.

Schools and districts committed to 21st Century Skills as well as the standards of AASL and ISTE must confront this cut-and-paste culture head-on, eliminating those classroom practices that encourage and promote such lazy thinking and research, replacing them with activities that are more challenging and more worthwhile.

In this book, Jamie lays out a case for the end to topical research and a firm commitment to questioning that engages students in thinking for themselves and making up their own minds. "Every student a thinker!" he urges.

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Table of Contents

Some of these chapters appeared originally as articles in FNO or The Question Mark.

Introduction In an Age of Bad New Ideas
(Like Mortgage Derivatives), Good Ideas Matter
Chapter One Beyond Cut-and-Paste:
Engaging Students in Wrestling with Questions of Import
Chapter Two Beyond Mere Gathering:
Converting Social Networking into Collaboration and Synergy
Chapter Three The Brave New Citizen
Chapter Four Embracing Complexity
Chapter FIve Managing the Poverty of Abundance
Chapter Six Digging Deep
Chapter Seven After NCLB:
Back to the Basics of Inquiry and Comprehension
Chapter Eight Photoshopping Reality:
Journalistic Ethics in an Age of Virtual Truth
Chapter Nine Teaching Media Literacy in an Age of Wikilobbying, Spin, Tabloid Journalism and the Photoshopping of Reality
Chapter Ten Will the Real Joan of Arc Stand Up?
Making Sense of Images from History
Chapter Eleven Gaining Attention in the Laptop Classroom
Chapter Twelve Showing Students How to Challenge Assumptions
Chapter Thirteen The Evidence Gap
Chapter Fourteen Bettering: A Synthesis Primer
Chapter Fifteen The Mystery Curriculum
Chapter Sixteen What Digital Age?
Chapter Seventeen Dreaming Up the Good New Idea
Chapter Eighteen Play, Experimentation & Improvisation
Chapter Nineteen Professional Development for Inventive Learning
Chapter Twenty Building a Case
Chapter Twenty-One Reading Between Digital Lines
Chapter Twenty-Two Reading Across a Dozen Literacies
Chapter Twenty-Three Scoring High
Chapter Twenty-Four One Liners, Bloggery, and Tomfoolery

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