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 From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 11|No 10|September|2001

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Building Good New Ideas:
Part Two

by Jamie McKenzie
About the Author

Metaphor is a potent source of inspiration for new ideas and understandings. How is building a grape arbor or trellis like building a new idea?

© 2001, J. McKenzie. Click on photo for full size.

This article is based upon a speech first delivered in Adelaide, South Australia in May of 2001. Because there are many photographs used to illustrate the building metaphor, the article is divided up into many pages much like a slide show.

What is essential?

The South Australian government - like many other states and provinces - provides a list of essential learning goals that is quite a challenge for schools.

SACSA lists five major categories of performance (at the right).

"Learners develop capabilities to critically reflect on and shape the present and future through powerful uses of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technologies."

How can we best teach our students to think in this manner and create good new ideas?

Building new ideas is somewhat like constructing a grape arbor in an unusual location requiring custom installation, inventiveness and an appreciation of the impact of a new structure on the larger context.

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  • Futures
  • Identity
  • Interdependence
  • Thinking
  • Communication

© 2001, J. McKenzie, click on picture for full size.

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