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ISBN 0967407842

Just in Time Technology:
Doing Better with Fewer

Dr. Jamie McKenzie has enjoyed more than 30 years working as a teacher, principal, superintendent and director of libraries, media and technology. He draws upon his experience as a leader and an innovator to create this collection of essays and articles outlining a practical approach to technology deployment and curriculum development designed to optimize use while avoiding silly and wasteful bandwagons and trends.

“The technology binge is over along with the bubble,” he comments, “and schools can ill afford to squander scarce resources on frivolous, untested gimmicks and gizmos. We are emerging from a foolish experiment with just-in-case technology - loading up classrooms with equipment.”

“This decade will be remembered as a time of discernment - a period when teachers, parents and school leaders all demand smart buying, smart deployment and smart program development.”

This book describes strategies to make the most of new technologies while preserving the best of classical tools and practices.


Chapter 1 - Just in Time Technology
Chapter 2 - Smart Technology 1
Chapter 3 - Smart Technology 2
Chapter 4 - Post Deployment Action Plan
Chapter 5 - Matters of Movement
Chapter 6 - Why Not Share?
Chapter 7 - Students as Inventors
Chapter 8 - Creating Good New Ideas 1
Chapter 9 - Creating Good New Ideas 2
Chapter 10 - The True Cost of Ownership
Chapter 11 - Paper Still Works
Chapter 12 - The Medium is Not the Literacy
Chapter 13 - Great Lesson Design
Chapter 14 - Beware the Visionary
Chapter 15 - After Laptop
Chapter 16 - Stories of Adult Learning
Chapter 17 - Verity - the Search for Difficult Truth
Chapter 18 - Other Worldly Learning
Chapter 19 - Going Unplugged
Chapter 20 - Beyond Bamboozlement
Chapter 21 - Signs of Effectiveness
Chapter 22 - Busted Flat in Battery Land
180 pages

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Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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