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 From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

 Vol 13|No 5|January|2003
© 2003, Jamie McKenzie

© FNO Press, 2003

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No Computer
Left On?

With pressure building to teach LITERACY at all costs and raise scores on NCLB measures, many teachers who never could see the value of networked computers can now turn them off and focus on the basics.

The EPA has a special program to help schools conserve energy when computers are not being used (click here to learn more).

FNO Press Launches Web Site Critical of NCLB

Concerned that NCLB puts too much emphasis on testing and not enough on capacity building and funding, FNO Press has launched a new journal, "No Child Left" and a Web site, to urge repeal or drastic amendment of NCLB. You can subscribe for free to the monthly journal.

Quoting from the EPA Press Release . . .

Energy wasted by computers and monitors costs public school districts in this country more than $145 million dollars each year. School administrators and energy managers will find the solution to this problem is only a mouse click away. By activating their school computers’ built-in power management features, K-12 educational facilities can reduce their operating expenses while contributing to a cleaner environment.

ENERGY STAR, a program jointly managed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to promote energy efficiency encourages organizations and individuals to eliminate waste with power management. This nationwide program allows classroom computer monitors to enter a low-power "sleep" mode when inactive. For every 1,000 monitors using ENERGY STAR’s free, easy-to-use power management software tools, enough energy is saved to light 160 households. Additionally, sleeping computer monitors help the environment by preventing air pollution associated with the burning of coal, oil, and gas to generate electricity.

Dozens of school systems nationwide have implemented power management, including the Albuquerque Public School system in New Mexico and California’s Winton School District. Watt Watchers of Texas, a school energy management organization, is leading a statewide power management effort that expects to save school districts in that state an estimated $4 million per year in energy costs.

Save 200,000 kWh of Energy All in a Day's Rest — Energy Star ¨ Monitor Power Management

Organizations can save energy and money by enabling power management on their computer monitors. Free software tools and services from Energy Star automatically put monitors to rest organization-wide when not in use—saving a significant amount of energy and money. What's more, monitor power management will not affect your computer or network performance. A simple touch of the mouse or keyboard "wakes" the machine within seconds.

Save Energy and Money With Monitor Power Management. Enabling monitor power management could save your organization approximately 200,000 kWh per year for every 1,000 monitors. This amounts to:

$20,000 per year saved at 10 cents/kWh.
Enough energy to power 230 households for one month

Enable Power Management Organization Wide Quickly and Easily. Energy Star monitor power management offers software tools and services to:

Turn on monitor power management through the network rather than machine-by-machine using the EZ Save software tool.
Use the capability of Windows 2000 to enable power management throughout your organization.
Allow end users to individually enable monitor power management quickly and easily through the EZ Wizard web-based software tool.

Inform Your Organization About Monitor Power Management. To help educate employees about monitor power management and its benefits, Energy Star offers a set of educational materials including posters, a fact sheet, a case study, and desktop reminders. For more information visit