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 Vol 12|No5|January|2003

Just in Time Technology

By Jamie McKenzie
About the Author

The lead chapter of Jamie McKenzie's newest book.

New McKenzie book
Released in November

Just in Time Technology

An important new book from Australia with a focus on problem-based learning, questioning and literacies.

Inspired Investigations

Organizing essential and subsidiary questions prior to conducting research in order to focus student energy on pertinent information.

By Jamie McKenzie
About the Author

NCLB: No Computer Left On!

Now that the U.S. has spent $20 billion equipping classrooms with networked computers, some schools are so fixated on NCLB that the gleaming new equipment sits unused.

FNO Press Launches Web Site Critical of NCLB

Concerned that NCLB puts too much emphasis on testing and not enough on capacity building and funding, FNO Press has launched a new journal, "No Child Left" and a Web site, to urge repeal or drastic amendment of NCLB. You can subscribe for free to the monthly journal.

Credits: The photographs were shot by Jamie McKenzie.
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